It's About Time....Right?

Sooo...if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweeting about searching for Essence Cosmetics today. Recently brought to Canada and (as usual) slow to launch in BC I finally located a store that had it. Now the displays are still not out but the wonderful SA there let me poke through the box she had out. I know I often complain about the crappy service in Shoppers but this lady wins all around.

essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish  $1.49 CAD each

I bought the only 4 polishes I saw that were available.
-95 wanna be your sunshine
-86 a lovely secret
-98 walk on air
- 91 glamorous life
nail polish with flat brush-quick dry:trendy nailstyle within seconds!

The red is the only shimmer of the 4 and I thought it was kind of neat (!) that the bottle lid is also shimmery on just the one. The lilac and yellow both have kind of a pearl finish, as do the lids and the blue is cream, lid is reflective of that. I didn't swatch these so I have no comments on application but that will come soon.

essence Eyeshadow $2.49 CAD each

I only saw 3 of the single eye shadows so I picked up the 2 that appealed the most to me. 
-60 kermit says hello
-56 hyped up
super-soft and long-lasting eyeshadow

Swatched on bare skin. I imagine a primer would really make these shine. Pigmentation is definitely decent and they are soft and blendable.

essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil $2.49 CAD each and Gel Eyeliner $3.99 CAD each

-09 Cool Down
super soft and precise application, long lasting eye pencil
-05 Miami's Ink
high precision gel eyeliner, waterproof

I haven't tried either of these but the blue eye pencil is very pretty and retractable. I am an avid gel eyeliner user and this one I have here is a steel grey. Claims are that it is waterproof. We will see, and Iwill let you know.

essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss $2.99 CAD each

-08 Deep Rose
-09 Hottest Pink
colourful lipgloss for glossy lips

They swatch pretty sheer but that's typical of lip gloss. I did try the lighter shade earlier and it applied nice and smoothly, wasn't overly sticky and wore for about 2 hours. They both have a hint of shimmer but it's definitely not over the top.

essence Eyeshadow Brush $1.99 CAD each
(and QUO Deluxe Foundation Sponges $2.50 CAD for 2)

It's purple, very soft and a good size. Haven't used it much yet but I have very high hopes for it's performance. I was very interested in checking out the rest of the brushes so hopefully they are out next week!

PS Sorry about my extended absence....I really do not have an adequate excuse
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  1. nice stuff! I haven't tried much essence stuff but curious about their lipsticks and lipglosses. Might just have to buy some to try out :)

  2. The lipstick is Petal Lure. Let me know if you're interested