LUSH BOGO Haul...And Why I Probably Won't Order Online Again

Maybe I'm impatient....Nah scratch that, I AM impatient. That is why I chose the 2 day air option when I ordered online from LUSH at the Boxing Day Sale.

I wasn't actually expecting it to arrive on the 28th but I feel it took too long. That is more UPS's fault than LUSH's though...Delivery was scheduled for Jan 2 and I just received it an hour ago. Apparently my address doesn't exist (according to the driver, who I can only assume does not know how to use a map or google) There was more to the delivery drama but it's long winded and rather asinine so I won't go into it.

All that aside I was still very excited to FINALLY get my new bath goodies!

I was rather surprised to see it all wrapped in paper. I've never ordered online before but I always thought they used the little packing peanut things. No bother though, it was packed very nicely and everything made it with the exception of one cracked bath bomb ( to be used tonight)

And here we have it...5 Golden Wonders and 5 Candy Mountains. Mostly everything was sold out by the time I got to a computer. I was a little disappointed but at least I got a few things. Candy Mountain is new to me but it smells delicious (I'm a fruity sweet scent kind of girl) I have bought a few Golden Wonders over the holidays this year so I was pleased to get a few more. I love all the glittery shimmery bombs that LUSH has so it was bound to be a fave of mine! I also got a little sample of Figs And Leaves soap and while I'm not fussy on the scent in the package I will try it wet because it does tend to be different.

Also on Friday I will be visiting a LUSH Store and am looking for recommendations other than bombs and bubble bars...soap maybe? Rockstar soap dries me out really bad but I do want to try others. Godmother and Banana Moon are the 2 I'm thinking of. Also considering trying a Buffy bar...not sure though

What are your favorite LUSH items? Let me know in the comments
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  1. Nice haul! I'm a total Lush junkie but sadly I missed the sale myself. My sister however sent me something and it arrived later than it said it would but it is coming all the way from Canada so I think that might be the main issue they have when it comes to shipping. Anyway if your looking for a scrubby yet moisturizing bar I would highly recommend Buffy its pretty much the best in shower/bath scrub. I also really like Ocean salt if your looking for a good face cleanser. You can also ask for a few samples of things your interested in trying. :)

    1. I got Buffy and like it but it is a little harsh so it will be a only sometimes thing. Also love Ocean Salt occasionally, makes my face so soft!

  2. Yes! Get Buffy! I love Buffy. Best scrubby ever.

  3. nice! x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)