In Store LUSH Purchases ( And Others)

So after my last online purchase I decided that it is just too much effort to go through it. I will take time out of my life to make sure to get to the stores. (It's only a 30 min drive, it's not that bad) My only qualm is that it seems to me the quality of service in store is on the decline as well. I used to feel so valued when I went in and now most of the time I kind of feel like I'm being treated as an annoyance.

Moving on to the fun stuff!

I am branching out a bit. The only repurchased item was the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb. I also picked up 4 Lil LUSH Pud (stupid name....) they were the only holiday items left save for soaps, none of which I wanted.

 I listened to all the recommendations and grabbed a Buffy Bar and a tin to keep it in. I find it to be a touch too abrasive for my skin so next time I may get the Aqua Mirabilis.

 I absolutely LOVE Snow Fairy (surprised right?) so I had to grab some Godmother. I'm not normally a fan of the soaps but figured I would try again. I previously have purchased Rockstar soap, I find it smells delightful but it makes my skin so dry and itchy I have to use it as just hand soap.

I also purchased the cult favorite Lemony Flutter.....I HATE IT...SO MUCH.... It smells absolutely vile to me. It's going back, end of story.

I had every intention of purchasing a shampoo bar while I was there as well. However the ones that had scents I would have enjoyed were not for my hair type and the ones that were I wouldn't want to use. I was most interested in Trichomania but the S.A told me it was very moisturizing and best used on really dry hair. She said because my hair was fine it would likely weigh it down too much. Fair enough I guess....She did offer to send me home with a sample so I agreed. Only problem is she failed to tell me the sample was going to cost $2 (not a big deal but I would have liked to have been notified) As it turns out this shampoo bar is the exact opposite of moisturizing ...it stripped all moisture out of my hair and I ended up with a squeaky matted mess that was snapping while being combed...Do not like:(

Luckily I also purchased this!

What a lovely product set this is. I love the smell of banana and this shampoo/conditioner from The Body Shop delivers soft silky locks and you don't need to use much either. It was on the buy 2 get 1 free promo so I also picked up a hair mask. It;s decent as well although I'm not sure I will repurchase it. The Banana Shampoo and Conditioner will become a staple for sure!
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  1. The Godmother must be my absolute favorite solid LUSH soap! I haven't tried them all but I love that it's like a more grown-up version of Snow Fairy, but still sweet and very yummy!

    I've been super disappointed with Lil LUSH Pud, it did nothing for my skin, nothing in the bath and it smelled nothing at all to me!

    I'm currently trying their New! Shampoo Bar because I was looking for something to calm my greasy roots and the SA recommended this to me as she uses it herself and it's even supposed to promote hair growth! I absolutely love it, it leaves my hair super shiny an from the reviews I've read online, most people find it drying but I couldn't care less as that's exactly what I want and I always use conditioner and leave-in conditioner anyway. Those Banana shampoo and conditioner looks yummy, I've heard great things about them!

    1. 'm hoping Godmother doesn't make me dry, haven't used it yet as I've gotten a bit scared of LUSH soap. Lil LUSH Pud isn't overly smelly but it's OK...nothing super special though. That Banana Shampoo is amazing, I think I've found something I will rebuy for sure!

  2. It sucks that their service in your store is declining out here in San Francisco I HATE going into their store because they hound you to the point where you just want to not buy anything and leave :( I have not tried aquamirabilis but I have tried king of skin it kinda smells like bananas a little to some people it has not scrubbys and when it melts on the skin feels like a lotion. trichomania is tricky it also gives my hair a squeaky feel to it but I find its a good cleanser.

    I don't have any body shop items but Banana shampoo is right up my alley! Thats pretty unique I have not seen too much banana stuff ever!

  3. I know right? So many things people recommend from LUSH just don't smell great to me either!

    1. Lemony Flutter is probably the worst smell I have come across in LUSH to date:P (apologises to legions of LF fans...LOL)

  4. Gosh I love Lush, I've only just got into their bathbombs. I recently bought one of their frog ones with the lips and the hidden message. Too adorable!
    Thanks for educating me in the other elements of their range!



  5. They charged you for samples now?! Unbelievable!! I love Lush, but I agree with you--service has gone downhill, and it's just overpriced, herbal-smelling stuff now =/

    I'd love to try their shampoo too!

  6. Man I hate the service at Lush, they always bombard me and all of them are all in my face, annoys the crap out of me.
    jeez they should tell you a sample is $2! I wouldnt have wanted it then, to me a sample is free!
    ooo I want to try the banana shampoo now! sounds like it would smell delicious!